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admix to mix with or into something else; make an admixture with.
alloy to mix (metals with other metals or with nonmetals) to form an alloy. [1/5 definitions]
ammoniate to treat, combine, or mix with ammonia. [1/2 definitions]
butt in (informal) to mix into or intrude in other people's affairs.
carburet to combine, mix, or charge with carbons or hydrocarbons, so as to increase the potential fuel energy.
commingle to mingle or blend; mix.
compound1 to combine or mix. [1/12 definitions]
emulsion a mixture consisting of drops or globules of one liquid suspended in another liquid that does not mix well with the first. [1/2 definitions]
Erlenmeyer flask a conical laboratory flask with a broad, flat base and a short, narrow neck, used to mix liquids by hand.
fold1 to mix in (a cooking ingredient) by gently and repeatedly scooping up part and turning it over the rest. [1/16 definitions]
garble to mix up, distort, or confuse (a message, translation, or the like); cause to be disordered or unintelligible. [1/3 definitions]
gas to treat or mix with gas. [1/14 definitions]
gorp a mixture of raisins, nuts, dry cereal, and the like eaten as a high-energy snack; trail mix.
hubbub a confusing mix of loud sounds, esp. voices; uproar. [1/2 definitions]
interlard to insert in various places; intersperse with; mix in (usu. fol. by with).
intermingle to mix or mingle together.
intermix to mix together; intermingle.
knead to mix by pressing, folding, and pulling, esp. with the hands. [1/2 definitions]
krater a two-handled bowl with a wide body and neck used to mix wine and water in ancient Greece.
malt to make, treat, or mix with malt or malt extract. [1/5 definitions]
marbleize to color or mix with streaks and veins in imitation of real marble.