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bate to moderate or control; restrain. [1/3 definitions]
canary a pale to moderate yellow color. [1/3 definitions]
centrist a person whose ideology lies near the center of the political spectrum; moderate. [2 definitions]
chill a moderate but uncomfortable coldness. [1/14 definitions]
conservative not extreme, esp. not too high; restrained; moderate. [1/7 definitions]
cool to make less intense; moderate. [1/15 definitions]
cruise to travel at a fixed, efficient, and moderate speed for a sustained period, as do ships and airplanes. [1/6 definitions]
dip a temporary or moderate decrease. [1/15 definitions]
extreme well beyond what is considered moderate, reasonable, or within the norm. [1/7 definitions]
golden mean the prudent, moderate course between extremes; happy medium. [1/2 definitions]
inexpensive low or moderate in cost. [1/2 definitions]
jeepers used to express moderate surprise, emotion, emphasis, or the like.
jog1 to run, esp. at a steady but moderate pace, as for exercise. [2/9 definitions]
mezzo in music, medium; moderate (usu. used in combination). [1/3 definitions]
Middle America the North American middle class, esp. as typified by the conservative or moderate political and social values of the Midwest. [1/2 definitions]
middle-of-the-road not extreme; cautiously moderate.
middling (pl.) goods of moderate or fair quality, or of middle size. [1/4 definitions]
moderato with a moderate pace or tempo (used as a musical direction).
modest having or expressing a relatively low or moderate opinion of one's abilities, achievements, worth, importance, or the like. [2/5 definitions]
modify to reduce the extremity, quantity, or strength of; moderate. [1/4 definitions]
peach a moderate yellowish pink color. [1/4 definitions]