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chastity modesty or simplicity, as of style. [1/2 definitions]
decency conformity to commonly recognized standards of modesty, good taste, and the like; propriety; decorum. [1/3 definitions]
decent conforming to social standards, as for morality, modesty, good taste, or the like; not obscene or offensive. [1/5 definitions]
forwardness lack of modesty or humility in dealing with others; presumptuousness. [1/3 definitions]
humility the quality or state of being humble; modesty about one's status or accomplishments.
prude someone who is extremely or overly concerned with modesty or proper conduct, speech, dress, or the like.
shamefaced indicating modesty or shyness. [1/2 definitions]
unblushing without shame, modesty, or apology. [1/2 definitions]
understate to state or present with modesty or restraint, as to create a subtle or ironic effect. [1/2 definitions]