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aspic1 a gelatin, usu. of meat or fish stock, used as a garnish for fish or meat or to make a mold of various foods.
block a mold on which a thing, esp. a hat, is shaped or displayed. [1/19 definitions]
blue cheese a rich strong-flavored semisoft cheese made of cow's milk and veined with blue mold.
bombe a frozen dessert consisting of two or more different kinds of ice cream, often with a light, frothy center made of eggs and sugar, frozen in a melon-shaped mold.
cast to form into a hard object by pouring or setting material into a mold. [4/18 definitions]
casting the act or process of forming a cast or mold. [2/4 definitions]
charlotte a dessert made by lining a mold with cake, which is then filled with custard, cooked fruit, or whipped cream.
cupcake a little cake baked in a mold roughly the size and shape of a cup.
die casting the process of forcing molten metal into a metallic mold under pressure to make castings. [1/2 definitions]
electrotype a copy or facsimile made by electroplating a mold, in wax, lead, or plastic, of an original plate, and used esp. in printing. [2/3 definitions]
form something that imparts shape, such as a mold. [2/15 definitions]
found3 to melt and pour (metal or glass) into a mold. [2 definitions]
fusty full of or smelling like mold or mildew. [1/2 definitions]
ingot a mass of metal cast into a shape that makes it easily handled or stored, or the mold in which it is cast.
leaf mold a type of mold that grows on leaves. [1/2 definitions]
loam to cover or mold with loam. [1/2 definitions]
madeleine a rich cakelike pastry baked in a small mold.
mask a representation made from a mold taken of a person's face. [1/11 definitions]
matrix a mold from which casts are made. [1/5 definitions]
mold1 something shaped or made in or on a mold. [3/10 definitions]
mold2 to cause to become covered with mold. [2/4 definitions]