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bivalve a mollusk with two shells hinged together, such as a mussel, oyster, or clam. [1/3 definitions]
cockleshell the ribbed shell of a cockle or related mollusk.
conchology the scientific study of mollusk shells.
cowry a tropical marine mollusk having a glossy and colorfully marked shell that is used as money in some Asian and African cultures. [1/2 definitions]
decapod a mollusk having ten tentacles or legs, such as a cuttlefish or squid. [1/2 definitions]
half shell either of the two shells of a bivalve mollusk such as an oyster or clam, often used as a serving container for raw or cooked seafood.
lamellibranch of, pertaining to, or designating such a mollusk; bivalved. [1/2 definitions]
paper nautilus an octopuslike mollusk, the female of which has a thin spiral shell in which she can dwell and lay eggs.
scallop the edible muscle of this mollusk. [1/6 definitions]
seashell the shell of an ocean mollusk, esp. one that has washed up on the shore.
shell a hard outer covering of a mollusk, which is being continually created by the animal itself and serves to protect it from injury and from predators. [1/12 definitions]
univalve a univalve mollusk or shell. [1/3 definitions]
valve one of the two hinged halves of a bivalve mollusk or brachiopod shell. [1/5 definitions]