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Austria-Hungary a former European monarchy composed of the Austrian empire, Hungary, and parts of other countries.
dauphin during the time of the monarchy, the eldest son of a king of France.
fleur-de-lis the heraldic device of the French monarchy consisting of a stylized flower with a band encircling three petals. [1/2 definitions]
French Revolution the revolution in France that began in 1789 with the people's overthrow of the monarchy, continued with the establishment of a republic, and ended in 1799 with Napoleon's rise to power.
kingship rule by a king; monarchy. [1/3 definitions]
monarchical pertaining to, belonging to, or like a monarch or monarchy. [2 definitions]
monarchism belief in or advocacy of monarchy.
president the chief executive, either elected or appointed, of a nation whose government is not a hereditary monarchy. [1/3 definitions]
royal of or pertaining to any aspect of a monarchy. [1/5 definitions]
Tory a member of a former political party in Great Britain that supported the monarchy, succeeded in 1832 by the Conservative party. [2/4 definitions]