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accommodate to lend money to. [1/6 definitions]
account a record of money spent or received. [2/15 definitions]
afford to have enough money to purchase (something); be able to meet (an expense). [1/3 definitions]
affordable able to be obtained without excessive sacrifice of money or without incurring serious consequences.
allocate to assign or set aside (money or other resources) for some specific use. [1/2 definitions]
allowance a sum of money given regularly or allotted for special expenses. [1/3 definitions]
almoner one who distributes money or other gifts to the poor, esp. on behalf of an institution or royalty.
alms a charitable gift, esp. of money, given to the poor.
annuity a regular annual income paid at fixed intervals and produced by money invested or by an insurance contract. [1/2 definitions]
ante in poker, an amount of money that a player must put into play before seeing his or her cards. [2/3 definitions]
appropriation legislative authorization of money for specific use. [1/2 definitions]
a pretty penny (informal) a high price or large amount of money.
arson the illegal act of burning buildings, another's or one's own, for malicious purposes or to claim insurance money.
asking price the price or cost of an item for sale (used by a seller usu. to indicate a willingness to accept less money after bargaining).
assassin one who murders for money or for ideological reasons. [1/2 definitions]
backer someone who supports or gives time or money to a business, a cause, or the like.
bail1 an amount of money or other property left with a court to ensure that a person who is released after arrest will return to stand trial. [1/5 definitions]
bailor a person who gives money or property in the payment of bail.
baksheesh in several Near Eastern countries, a gift of money; tip.
bank2 a business concerned with the safeguarding, exchanging, and lending of money. [2/6 definitions]
bankroll one's readily available money. [2/3 definitions]