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Calvinism practices and beliefs based on these teachings, esp. a strict, severe code of morality. [1/2 definitions]
decent conforming to social standards, as for morality, modesty, good taste, or the like; not obscene or offensive. [1/5 definitions]
disgust to offend the sense of morality or propriety of (someone). [1/3 definitions]
disorderly conduct a minor legal offense against public order or morality, such as creating a disturbance.
egoism in ethics, the doctrine that morality is based on self-interest. [1/3 definitions]
Everyman the title character of an anonymous medieval morality play, who unsuccessfully attempts to stave off death. [1/2 definitions]
high-toned having an elevated character, morality, or the like; dignified. [1/2 definitions]
Holy Office an organization within the Roman Catholic Church that oversees matters of doctrine and morality.
immorality the state or character of being immoral; lack of morality. [1/2 definitions]
indecent not in accord with accepted standards of morality, propriety, or taste; improper or vulgar.
integrity a strong sense of honesty and morality; firmness of moral and ethical character. [1/2 definitions]
intention (pl.) a person's plans as distinct from his or her actions, esp. in regard to motive or morality. [1/4 definitions]
licentious not within the bounds of morality or propriety, esp. with regard to sexual conduct; immoral; lewd.
louche of questionable decency, morality, or taste; shady; disreputable.
moralist one who studies or teaches about philosophies of morality. [1/2 definitions]
moralize to discuss or think about morality. [1/3 definitions]
nonmoral unrelated to morality; amoral.
obscene offensive to accepted views of morality and decency, or to one's own sense of morality and decency. [1/3 definitions]
pestiferous dangerous to morality; pernicious. [1/2 definitions]
pious done in the name of or for the sake of religion, morality, or good. [1/4 definitions]
principle (pl.) a personal code of behavior or morality. [2/4 definitions]