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aerie a nest built high on a cliff or mountain, esp. by an eagle or other bird of prey. [1/2 definitions]
alp a tall mountain.
alpenstock a long pointed iron-tipped staff used for mountain climbing.
Alpine (l.c.) of, like, living in, or characteristic of high mountains or mountain regions above the timberline. [1/4 definitions]
Alps a high mountain range extending from southern France through Switzerland, Italy, Germany, and Austria, and into Yugoslavia and Albania.
Altai Mountains a central Asian mountain range that extends from western Mongolia into Russia and China.
Andes a mountain range that extends the length of the South American western coast.
Andes Mountains a mountain range that extends the length of the South American western coast.
Appalachian Mountains mountain system in eastern North America extending from southeastern Canada to central Alabama in the United States; Appalachians.
arÍte a sharp, narrow ridge or crest on a mountain.
avalanche the sudden rush of a large quantity of snow, ice, or rocks down a mountain. [1/4 definitions]
bajada a smooth, sloping plain along the base of a mountain range, formed by eroded debris deposited by moving water.
belay in mountain climbing, to fasten (a rope) either to a person or to a thing offering a secure support. [3/6 definitions]
Ben Nevis the highest mountain peak in Great Britain (elevation, 4,406 feet, or 1,344 meters), located in the Grampian Mountains of western Scotland. [1/2 definitions]
breast to climb or surmount (a mountain or obstruction). [1/6 definitions]
butte a steep hill or mountain, usu. with a flat top, that stands alone on flat land. (See mesa.)
catamount any of various wildcats, such as the mountain lion, cougar, or panther.
Caucasus a mountain range in this region that divides Asian from European Russia; Caucasus Mountains. [1/2 definitions]
chamois an antelope native to high mountain regions of Europe. [1/5 definitions]
cirque a circular basin or hollow in an upper end of a mountain valley sometimes containing a pond.
cordillera a mountain range, esp. the principal or axial mountain range of a land mass.