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alimentary canal the body passage into which food is ingested and in which it is digested; passage from the mouth to the anus; digestive tract.
alveolar of a sound, articulated with the tongue close to or touching the roof of the mouth at the roots of the teeth. [1/4 definitions]
Angler fish any of various deepwater marine fishes that have a large mouth over which dangles a wormlike appendage that lures prey.
aphtha a small white spot or blister on the lips or in the mouth or intestines that is a symptom of certain viral or fungal infections.
arachibutyrophobia the persistent fear of or intense distress caused by peanut butter sticking to the roof of one's mouth.
belch to expel gas from the stomach through the mouth, in a spasmodic, noisy burst, as after eating or drinking. [1/4 definitions]
bird (slang) a contemptuous noise made with the mouth; raspberry. [1/5 definitions]
bit1 the metal part of a bridle that is placed in the mouth of an animal, usu. a horse, and used to restrain or control. [2/5 definitions]
blow2 to expel air through the mouth. [1/14 definitions]
bob2 to try to seize floating or dangling objects with the mouth, as in a game. [1/5 definitions]
brachiopod any of various marine invertebrates with hinged upper and lower shells and an armlike part with tentacles on either side of the mouth.
buccal of or pertaining to the mouth or cheeks.
bull nose a contagious disease in pigs caused by a bacterial infection and marked by a kind of swelling in the snout and mouth that destroys tissue.
burp (informal) the act of noisily expelling gas from the mouth; belch. [3 definitions]
canker an ulcerous sore, esp. inside the mouth. [1/7 definitions]
carafe a bottle, often flared at the mouth, for serving water, wine, and the like.
catfish any of several chiefly freshwater fish with large heads, long feelers around the mouth resembling a cat's whiskers, and no scales.
cephalopod any of various marine mollusks, such as the octopus or squid, that have highly developed eyes, and tentacles attached to the head around the mouth.
chin the central, protruding part of the jaw below the mouth. [1/3 definitions]
chop3 (usu. pl.) the jaws, cheeks, or mouth.
click a speech sound of certain African languages that is made by drawing air into the mouth and clicking the tongue. [1/8 definitions]