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abacus a device used to make arithmetic calculations, consisting of a frame with parallel rods or grooves that hold movable counters such as beads.
aileron a movable flap on the rear edge of an airplane's wing, used to control rolling and banking.
cant hook a blunt-tipped wooden lever with a movable metal hook near the lower end, used in handling logs; peavey.
carriage a movable machine part that shifts the position of another part, as on a typewriter. [1/5 definitions]
chattel any article of property not attached to lands or buildings; movable property. [1/2 definitions]
chattel mortgage a mortgage on personal property, esp. movable property.
clamp an apparatus consisting of two movable opposing surfaces, often connected by a large screw or screws and used to hold two or more objects together. [1/3 definitions]
crane a mechanical apparatus for lifting and moving heavy objects, having a tall, movable boom and a system of cables and pulleys. [1/6 definitions]
cursor a movable lighted marker on a computer terminal screen that indicates where data can be inserted.
damper in a furnace or stove, a movable metal plate that controls air flow. [1/2 definitions]
door the movable panel that covers such openings. [1/5 definitions]
effect (plural) movable property, esp. that which is left behind by someone. [1/8 definitions]
elevator in aircraft, a hinged movable horizontal surface whose position is altered to produce up or down movement of the craft. [1/3 definitions]
fin one of usu. several movable, webbed appendages that fish and other animals that live in the water use for swimming or balance. [1/8 definitions]
fixed-wing of or designating an aircraft that has wings rigidly attached to the fuselage, as contrasted to a helicopter or a craft with movable wings.
furniture movable objects such as chairs, tables and beds with which a living space is equipped.
gangplank a board or other movable walkway used for getting on or off a ship; gangway.
gantry a framework resembling a bridge that goes over railroad tracks and holds signals or that contains rails for a movable crane. [1/2 definitions]
goods movable property; possessions. [1/2 definitions]
hurdle a movable or fixed barrier over which a runner or horse must leap in the course of certain races. [1/6 definitions]
incunabulum a book produced before the first days of printing with movable type, around 150l. [1/2 definitions]