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commissary a cafeteria or eating area in a workplace, esp. in a movie or television studio or in a factory. [1/2 definitions]
digital video disc a movie or other video recording stored on such a disc. [1/2 definitions]
double feature a movie theater program that offers two feature films for the price of one admission.
feature the main film in a movie theater. [1/9 definitions]
film a motion picture; movie. [3/11 definitions]
filth something that is thought to be immoral or obscene, such as a movie, book, painting, or utterance. [1/3 definitions]
first night the opening performance of a play, opera, movie, or the like, or the night on which this occurs.
flashback a past event that interrupts the forward action of a play, movie, novel, or the like. [1/2 definitions]
footage a portion of movie or video film, such as one or several scenes, or all the frames pertaining to a single event. [1/2 definitions]
golden oldie (informal) a song, record, movie, or the like that was very popular in the past and continues to be so.
holdover a movie, play, or the like that continues to be shown or performed after an announced closing date. [1/2 definitions]
mise en scène (French) the way in which performers and props are arranged or directed for a theatrical or movie production.
motion picture a dramatic or documentary narrative or the like that is presented by means of such images, usu. with accompanying sound; film or movie. [1/2 definitions]
movie star a movie actor who has attained celebrity and usu. plays lead roles in movies.
newsreel formerly, a short film showing recent news events, shown in movie theaters.
nickelodeon formerly, a movie theater for which the admission charge was a nickel. [1/2 definitions]
picture a motion picture; movie; film. [1/8 definitions]
screenwriter one who writes or adapts a script for a movie.
script the written text of a dialogue, play, movie, or the like. [1/5 definitions]
set the scenery that provides the background for a theatrical performance or movie. [1/25 definitions]
Shirley Temple2 a non-alcoholic cocktail named after the child movie star Shirley Temple. (See Temple, Shirley.)