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about moving around. [1/11 definitions]
action the manner of a mechanism's moving or operating, or the mechanism itself. [1/8 definitions]
advancement the act, process, or result of moving forward; progress. [1/2 definitions]
adverse moving in an opposite direction. [1/3 definitions]
aerodynamic of a contour or surface, offering the minimum of resistance when moving through air. [1/2 definitions]
affecting emotionally moving.
afloat moving without guidance; drifting. [1/6 definitions]
airflow a flow of air, esp. around a moving vehicle, missile, or the like.
airless lacking moving air; windless; still. [1/2 definitions]
alluvium sand, soil, gravel, or the like deposited by moving water, as along a river bed. (Cf. eluvium.)
ambulant moving about; shifting from place to place.
ambulatory moving from place to place. [1/5 definitions]
anticlimax a disappointingly weak or ordinary conclusion or event, following events or statements that build expectations for something powerful or moving. [1/3 definitions]
anticyclone a large system of winds that rotates around a center of high barometric pressure, moving clockwise in the Northern Hemisphere and counterclockwise in the Southern, and usu. producing cool, dry weather. (Cf. cyclone.)
antitrades westerly winds moving above and opposite to the trade winds in the tropics.
aphid a small soft-bodied and slow-moving insect that feeds by sucking the juices of plants; plant louse.
ascendant moving upward; rising; ascending. [1/4 definitions]
assembly line a set-up in a factory whereby a product being put together passes, in moving along a track, conveyor belt, or the like, a succession of stations with workers, each of whom adds, adjusts, or secures apart to the whole.
astir in action; moving. [1/2 definitions]
at rest inactive, not moving, or in repose. [1/2 definitions]
automotive moving by power generated internally. [1/2 definitions]