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accidental in music, a symbol that indicates that a note should be played or sung one or two semitones higher or lower than is otherwise indicated. In most cases, the pitch is to be raised or lowered by one half step, as from F natural to F sharp. [2/5 definitions]
accompany to play or sing music with (another) as a supporting part of that person or group's performance. [1/3 definitions]
acid rock a form of music popular in the late 1960s and early 1970s that has loud, often distorted sounds and harmonies, and lyrics that suggest psychedelic experiences.
adagio in music, slow; slower than andante. [2/4 definitions]
aesthetic of or relating to beauty of form in works of art, including literature, dance, music, and the like. [1/3 definitions]
agitprop inflammatory political propaganda spread through literature, theater, music, and art, esp. as used in support of communism.
Agnus Dei a prayer in the Roman Catholic or Anglican church beginning with these words, or the accompanying music. [1/2 definitions]
aircheck a recording of a radio broadcast, esp. of music.
alapana in Indian music, the detailed exposition of a raga, in which the general flavor of the raga is introduced.
ambient of music, characterized by sound and pattern rather than distinct notes of melody or rhythmic structure. [2/3 definitions]
Apollo in Greek and Roman mythology, the god of light, prophecy, music, poetry, and medicine. [1/2 definitions]
appoggiatura in music, a dissonant note in a strong metrical position that resolves to a consonant note in a weaker metrical position. [2 definitions]
arabesque a brief piece of highly ornamented music, usu. written for piano. [1/4 definitions]
arr.2 abbreviation of "arrangement," the act of putting things in order, esp. the adaptation of a piece of music for a particular style of performance.
arrange to adapt (a piece of music) for a particular style of performance or for particular players. [1/4 definitions]
arrangement the adaptation of a piece of music for a particular style of performance. [1/5 definitions]
artist a person who is skilled at painting, sculpting, music, writing, or the like. [1/3 definitions]
assai1 very (used with tempo directions in music).
atonal in music, composed without a fixed key or scale.
autistic savant an autistic person who has an extraordinary gift or ability, as in mathematics, music, or art.
backbeat a primary accent on the second and fourth beats of a four-beat measure, common in popular music; secondary beat.