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bayonet a knifelike weapon that attaches to the muzzle end of a rifle for use in close combat. [1/3 definitions]
bead the sight on the front or muzzle end of a gun. [1/8 definitions]
blunderbuss an early shoulder-gun having a short barrel, flared at the muzzle to scattershot at close range. [1/2 definitions]
chokebore in a shotgun barrel, a bored inner surface that narrows toward the muzzle to concentrate the pattern of shot. [1/2 definitions]
feed bag a bag that can be filled with feed, slipped over a horse's muzzle, and kept in place with straps over the animal's head.
fox a wild carnivore, related to dogs and wolves, that has a pointed muzzle, erect ears, and a bushy tail. [1/7 definitions]
Great Dane any of a breed of very large muscular short-haired dogs that have pointed ears and a square muzzle.
musket a heavy, large-calibre gun with a long barrel, carried on the shoulder and loaded through the muzzle, used from the sixteenth century until the eighteenth.
muzzle to cover the jaws and mouth of (an animal) with a muzzle. [1/6 definitions]
port5 to carry (a military weapon) in both hands with the muzzle or blade near the left shoulder and the butt or hilt near the right hip. [1/3 definitions]
Saint Bernard a very large strong Swiss breed of dog with a massive head, a short muzzle, and a silky brown and white coat.
Scottish terrier one of a breed of small terrier that originated in Scotland, with short legs, a blunt square muzzle, erect ears, and a dark wiry coat.
Sealyham terrier one of a Welsh breed of small terrier that has short legs, a squarish muzzle, and a wiry white coat.
Shih Tzu any of a breed of very small dog native to China, having long hair, a short muzzle, and a hairy tail that curves forward.
unmuzzle to remove a muzzle from (an animal). [1/2 definitions]