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account a story or report; narrative. [1/15 definitions]
allegory a symbolic story or narrative. [1/2 definitions]
antinarrative combined form of narrative.
ballad a narrative poem or song. [1/2 definitions]
ending the last part; conclusion, esp. of a narrative or dramatic plot. [1/2 definitions]
episode a single incident or event, or a related group of these, making up a segment in a life or a long narrative. [1/2 definitions]
fiction literary narrative, esp. in prose form, that is not necessarily based on real events. [1/3 definitions]
history a chronological narrative of past events. [1/5 definitions]
idyll a romantic epic or narrative poem. [1/4 definitions]
in medias res in the middle of things (Latin); starting in the middle, rather than at the beginning of a series of events, as a narrative.
interior monologue in literature, material that expresses a character's inner thoughts, often presented in stream-of-consciousness narrative.
motion picture a dramatic or documentary narrative or the like that is presented by means of such images, usu. with accompanying sound; film or movie. [1/2 definitions]
nonnarrative combined form of narrative.
payoff (informal) the most interesting or climactic part of a narrative, series of events, or the like. [1/3 definitions]
record a narrative account or other collection of information. [1/13 definitions]
relation a narrative account. [1/6 definitions]
roman (French) a medieval French metrical narrative developed from ancient epic poems. [1/2 definitions]
saga a medieval Nordic or Icelandic prose narrative, esp. one describing the historical or legendary exploits of a single person or family. [2 definitions]
sequel a book, film, or other narrative that is complete in itself but continues a story begun in an earlier work. [1/2 definitions]
synopsis a short statement giving an overview, the main principles, or the sequence of events of a narrative, argument, article, or the like; summary; abstract.
trouvere any of a group of twelfth- and thirteenth-century northern French poets who composed narrative works and lyrics on the theme of courtly love.