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airman an enlisted person in the U.S. Navy whose duties involve aircraft. [1/3 definitions]
bluejacket a sailor, esp. one enlisted in the U.S. Navy.
boot camp a military installation at which U.S. Navy or Marine recruits receive basic training.
captain a commissioned officer of the U.S. Navy holding the rank immediately below rear admiral. [1/8 definitions]
commander in the U.S. Navy, the rank below captain. [1/3 definitions]
commodore in the U.S. Navy until 1899 and again during World War II, a commissioned naval officer ranked below a rear admiral and above a captain. [1/2 definitions]
Department of Defense the U.S. federal department of the executive branch of government responsible for national security, military policy, and military forces. The Department of Defense includes the Army, Navy, and Air Force.
Ens. abbreviation of "Ensign," in the U.S. Coast Guard or Navy, one who is a commissioned officer of the lowest rank (used in a proper name).
ensign in the U.S. Coast Guard or Navy, the lowest rank of a commissioned officer. [1/2 definitions]
gob2 (informal) a sailor in the U.S. Navy.
Grand Army of the Republic an organization founded in 1866 by men who had served in the Union Army or Navy during the U.S. Civil War.
Joint Chiefs of Staff the principal military advisory body to the President of the United States, consisting of the chiefs of the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines.
lieutenant in the U.S., British, or Canadian Navy, an officer ranking just below a lieutenant commander. [1/4 definitions]
lieutenant commander an officer in the U.S. Navy or Coast Guard whose rank is above that of lieutenant and below that of commander.
lieutenant junior grade an officer in the U.S. Navy whose rank is above that of ensign and below that of lieutenant.
Marine Corps a branch of the U.S. armed forces under the authority of the Department of the Navy, trained for land, sea, and aerial combat and specializing in amphibious landing operations.
master-at-arms in the U.S. Navy, a petty officer whose duty is to keep order and maintain discipline on board a ship or at a shore station.
naval of or pertaining to ships, esp. those of a navy. [2 definitions]
nonrated designating an enlisted member of the U.S. Navy who is not a petty officer. [1/2 definitions]
old man a male figure of authority such as a company head or commander of a navy vessel. [1/3 definitions]
pea jacket a short double-breasted coat made of thick navy blue wool, originally worn by sailors.