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banner a newspaper headline, usu. stretching across the page. [1/5 definitions]
byline the writer's name at the head of a newspaper or magazine article.
caption a heading, title, or legend for printed matter such as a magazine article, newspaper photo, or graph. [1/4 definitions]
carry to make (news, a program, or the like) available to viewers or listeners, as a newspaper or a television or radio station. [1/16 definitions]
circulation the number of copies of a newspaper, periodical, or the like that is distributed to readers at a given time, or the distribution itself. [1/4 definitions]
classified of or relating to newspaper advertisements that are grouped together and in small print. [1/3 definitions]
classified advertising advertising, usu. brief, that is arranged in columns according to subject in a newspaper or magazine.
column a regularly appearing article or editorial in a newspaper or magazine. [1/5 definitions]
columnist a writer or editor of a regular column or feature in a newspaper or magazine.
comic pertaining to a series of cartoons, or to a book, magazine, or newspaper section devoted to such series. [2/6 definitions]
comic strip a series of cartoons, esp. in a newspaper, that narrates a funny or adventurous story.
copy desk a desk in a newspaper office where copy is edited and prepared for typesetting, and where headlines are composed.
copyreader one who edits and prepares newspaper copy for typesetting and publication.
correspondent a person who reports news or contributes articles regularly to a newspaper, magazine, TV network, or the like, from a distant area. [1/4 definitions]
daily a newspaper that is published every day or every day except Sunday. [1/4 definitions]
desk a specialized department of an organization, esp. of a newspaper office. [1/3 definitions]
edition all the copies of a single complete run of a newspaper or magazine. [1/3 definitions]
editor a person who manages the editing of a magazine or newspaper, or of a collection of works published in a book. [2/3 definitions]
editorial an article or commentary, as in a newspaper or on television, that expresses an opinion or viewpoint. [1/3 definitions]
extra an edition of a newspaper that is added to a regular publication schedule. [1/7 definitions]
feature a magazine or newspaper article that is given special prominence. [1/9 definitions]