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bistro a small bar, café, or nightclub.
cabaret a nightclub or restaurant that provides food, liquor, and live entertainment.
club an establishment that is open late at night and provides food, drink, and usu. entertainment; nightclub. [1/7 definitions]
disco a nightclub for dancing, usu. to recorded music; discotheque. [1/4 definitions]
discotheque a nightclub for dancing, usu. with recorded, amplified music; disco.
dive (informal) a shabby or disreputable bar or nightclub. [1/12 definitions]
floor show a program of entertainment in a nightclub.
honky-tonk a noisy, cheap dancehall, bar, or nightclub. [1/3 definitions]
hot spot a popular, lively nightclub, vacation area, or the like. [1/4 definitions]
joint (informal) a bar or nightclub, often one that is considered somewhat disreputable. [1/13 definitions]
key club a private nightclub to which each member has a key.
roadhouse a bar, restaurant, or nightclub on a country or suburban road.
routine a set piece that is often or regularly performed by an entertainer such as a nightclub comedian. [1/7 definitions]
showgirl a chorus girl or similar entertainer, often elaborately costumed, who appears in a nightclub act or similar performance for primarily decorative purposes.
speakeasy a bar or nightclub where alcoholic drinks are sold illegally, as during Prohibition in the United States.
supper club a nightclub, esp. a luxurious one serving fine foods and liquors.
table-hop (informal) to move from table to table to visit and talk at a party, nightclub, restaurant, or the like.
tourist trap a shop, restaurant, nightclub, or the like that charges high prices to tourists.
variety show a show on television, in a nightclub, or in a theater that is composed of different kinds of acts such as songs, dances, and comic skits.