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certain small in amount, but noticeable. [1/8 definitions]
conspicuous easily seen; noticeable. [1/2 definitions]
eye-catcher something esp. noticeable because of its appearance.
flagrant exceptionally or glaringly noticeable. [1/2 definitions]
flavor a distinctive quality characteristic of or noticeable in a thing. [1/4 definitions]
foil2 someone or something that, by contrast, makes the distinctive characteristics of another more noticeable. [2/7 definitions]
hint a barely noticeable quantity. [1/4 definitions]
invisible not readily perceived; hardly noticeable; inconspicuous. [1/5 definitions]
legato in a smooth, even, and connected style, with no noticeable breaks between the notes (used as a musical direction).
patent very noticeable; obvious. [1/7 definitions]
prominent clearly noticeable; obvious; conspicuous. [1/3 definitions]
pronounced marked or noticeable. [1/2 definitions]
salient extremely noticeable or prominent; conspicuous; important. [1/4 definitions]
signalize to make prominent or noticeable.
signally so as to be very noticeable; remarkably.
striking conspicuous or noticeable. [1/2 definitions]
telling having a noticeable or striking effect. [1/2 definitions]
unnoticeable combined form of noticeable.
unobtrusive not noticeable; inconspicuous.
upswing a noticeable or sudden rise, increase, or improvement. [1/3 definitions]