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bellows (used with a sing. or pl. verb) a device with a flexible, valved air chamber that can be expanded to draw in air and compressed to expel it through a nozzle, used to blow air on a fire or to sound a musical instrument. [1/3 definitions]
bibcock a faucet with a downward-bent nozzle.
gas burner the nozzle at the end of a gas fixture; gas jet.
gun a device that forces a substance out through a tube or nozzle. [1/7 definitions]
jet propulsion propulsion of aircraft and some small ships that results from the high-velocity expulsion of compressed outside air and hot exhaust gases through a jet nozzle.
shower1 a device that sprays water from an overhead nozzle, for washing the body. [1/11 definitions]
snout something that resembles an animal's snout, such as a nozzle or spout. [1/2 definitions]
spray1 water or another liquid flying or falling in fine droplets, as from the nozzle of a hose. [1/8 definitions]