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ablaut a pattern of changes in sounds, usu. vowels, that indicate variations in tense, number, person, or the like, as in "sink," "sank," and "sunk".
abound to be found or available in a large amount or number. [1/2 definitions]
above higher than, in rank, level, number, or quality. [1/9 definitions]
absolute value the magnitude of a real number irrespective of its sign; distance of a real number from zero. [2 definitions]
abundant large in amount or number; plentiful. [1/2 definitions]
accentual having a rhythm based on the number of stresses rather than the number of syllables or length of sounds, as certain poetry. [1/2 definitions]
accident-prone tending or likely to have more than the average number or rate of accidents.
ace a pilot who has downed a specified number of military aircraft. [1/7 definitions]
addend a number or amount added to another or others to form a sum.
address the place where one resides, designated by the number and name of street or road and the name of city, state, or province. [1/9 definitions]
agreement in grammar, correspondence between the number, person, or grammatical gender of two syntactically connected words, esp.that of subject and verb or adjective and noun. [1/5 definitions]
aliquot in math, forming a whole number divisor of another number without a remainder. [1/3 definitions]
all the total amount, extent, or number; every one. [2/12 definitions]
amphibole any of a number of hydrous silicate minerals, such as hornblende, that mostly comprise various combinations of magnesium, calcium, sodium, iron, and aluminum.
-androus having stamens of (such) a kind or number. [1/2 definitions]
-andry the condition of having stamens of (such) a kind or number. [1/2 definitions]
angle1 the space between the lines of such a figure as measured in degrees, the number of which reflects the amount of turning that would be required to move one of the lines so that it meets and overlaps the other. [1/10 definitions]
aniline dye any of a large number of synthetic dyes, made mainly from coal-tar products.
antilogarithm in mathematics, the number that corresponds to a particular logarithm.
apartment a room or set of rooms used as living space by a single household and usu. located in a building containing a number of such rooms or sets of rooms.
apartment building a building containing a number of individual apartments; apartment house.