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backwash in nautical terminology, water that an oar, propeller, or the like pushes toward the rear of a boat. [1/4 definitions]
blade a thin, flat part, as of a fan or an oar. [1/5 definitions]
bowman2 the person who handles the oar closest to the bow of a boat.
feather to turn and hold (an oar blade) horizontally between strokes in rowing. [2/12 definitions]
galley slave a slave or convict forced to work at an oar on a galley. [1/2 definitions]
gondolier the boatman who controls a gondola, usu. with an oar or pole at the stern.
oarlock on a boat, a U-shaped or ringlike device that acts as a holder and pivot for an oar.
paddle a wide-bladed oar with a long handle, used with both arms for moving a small boat, esp. a canoe, through the water. [1/8 definitions]
pair-oar a racing shell having two rowers, each with a single oar.
scull a single oar attached to the rear of a boat. [1/3 definitions]
steer1 to cause to move in a desired direction, as with a steering wheel, oar, rudder, or the like. [1/5 definitions]
stroke a single pull of a rowing oar, the pace or manner of executing this motion, or the oarsman in a rowing crew who sets the pace for rowing. [1/13 definitions]
stroke oar the oar that is located nearest the stern of a racing shell. [1/2 definitions]
thole a wooden peg or metal pin, usu. one of a pair, set into the gunwale of a boat to act as the fulcrum for an oar.