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absolve to release from obligation or responsibility. [1/3 definitions]
acquit to free (someone) from an obligation. [1/3 definitions]
acquittance discharge from a debt or obligation, or a formal notice of this.
bear1 to take upon oneself or accept as a duty or obligation. [1/8 definitions]
beg off to ask to be exempted from fulfilling an obligation.
bound1 under ethical or legal obligation. [1/5 definitions]
breach to violate (a law, obligation, or agreement). [1/7 definitions]
brotherhood a belief that all humans are connected by obligation or by virtues such as love. [1/4 definitions]
captive held involuntarily or by obligation. [1/6 definitions]
commitment a pledge or obligation to fulfill an act or function. [1/4 definitions]
debt an obligation to repay or recompense. [1/3 definitions]
default failure to perform an action or fulfill an obligation that is legally or morally required, esp. the obligation of paying money that is owed. [2/14 definitions]
devoir responsibility; obligation; duty. [1/2 definitions]
discharge to perform (a duty) or carry out (an obligation or responsibility). [2/17 definitions]
dispensation an exemption or release from some obligation or rule, granted by some authority, or the document making such a grant, esp. an exemption from a religious law or vow, granted by church authority. [1/3 definitions]
dodger an evasive person, or one who evades a specified obligation such as military service, payment of taxes, or the like. [1/2 definitions]
duty ethical, legal, or moral obligation. [1/5 definitions]
encumber to burden, as a heavy load or an obligation. [1/2 definitions]
engage to pledge or commit oneself; assume an obligation (usu. fol. by "to"). [1/10 definitions]
engagement a scheduled appointment or obligation. [1/4 definitions]
evade to avoid or fail to fulfill (an obligation, law, or the like). [1/5 definitions]