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acting the occupation or profession of an actor. [1/5 definitions]
artistry the occupation of an artist. [1/2 definitions]
at loose ends without any specific plans or any definite occupation. [1/2 definitions]
authorship the occupation or practice of writing. [1/2 definitions]
avocation a secondary occupation, usu. one pursued for recreation; hobby.
badge a piece of metal, cloth, or other material worn to signify a particular membership, rank, occupation, or accomplishment. [1/3 definitions]
bookkeeping the practice or occupation of systematically recording business transactions.
bookseller one who sells books as an occupation, esp. the owner of a bookstore.
bootblack one whose occupation is cleaning and polishing boots and shoes.
breeder one whose occupation is breeding plants or animals. [1/3 definitions]
brew to make beer or ale, esp. as an occupation. [1/9 definitions]
brewing the occupation, business, or activity of a person who makes beer, ale, or the like. [1/3 definitions]
building the act, process, or occupation of creating such structures. [1/2 definitions]
business an occupation or trade. [1/8 definitions]
calling vocation, occupation, or career, esp. considered as inspired or inevitable.
cap1 a headdress indicating rank, occupation, or membership, such as a sailor's cap or a graduating student's mortarboard. [1/9 definitions]
cardsharp one who cheats at cards, esp. as an occupation.
career the course or development of one's life, or a phase in one's life, usually in connection with one's occupation. [2/5 definitions]
confectionery the art or occupation of a confectioner. [1/3 definitions]
craft a trade or skilled occupation, esp. one that involves skill with the hands. [1/6 definitions]
decorator a person who decorates, esp. one whose occupation is designing interior décors.