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amuse to occupy the attention of in a pleasing manner; entertain. [1/2 definitions]
be to occupy a certain place or position. [1/10 definitions]
consume to take over or occupy (one's thoughts or attention) completely. [1/6 definitions]
cotenant one of two or more persons who own or occupy common property.
engage to gain or hold the interest of; occupy. [1/10 definitions]
engross to interest or occupy fully to the exclusion of all else.
entertain to occupy pleasantly; amuse. [1/5 definitions]
grab to occupy or possess by illegal or unethical means. [1/6 definitions]
lease to take possession of or occupy by lease. [1/5 definitions]
matter all substances that occupy space and can be seen, otherwise sensed, or measured; material stuff of the universe. [1/8 definitions]
mediate to occupy a position in the middle. [1/5 definitions]
nest to construct or occupy a nest and rear young. [1/11 definitions]
novitiate the residence that religious novices occupy. [1/3 definitions]
Pauli exclusion principle the principle that no two electrons, protons, or the like in a particular system can occupy the same space at the same time.
periodicity in chemistry, the similarity of properties among elements that occupy similar positions in the periodic table. [1/2 definitions]
place card a small name card, used esp. at formal dinners, that is set at the place each guest is to occupy at a table.
preempt to occupy a place or take up a position in order to acquire a right to it. [1/4 definitions]
rent1 a periodic payment made by a tenant to an owner of property for the right to occupy or use that property. [3/5 definitions]
reoccupy combined form of occupy.
reside to occupy a place for an extended period of time; dwell. [1/2 definitions]
squat to occupy land or a piece of property, usu. temporarily and either legally or illegally. [1/6 definitions]