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advise to offer advice. [1/5 definitions]
auctioneer to sell or offer for sale at an auction. [1/2 definitions]
barrister (chiefly British) a lawyer who is qualified to offer legal advice and to represent clients in both the lower and higher courts in the UK.
bid to offer (a price). [3/8 definitions]
brainstorm to engage in a method of problem-solving or idea-gathering in which members of a group freely and spontaneously offer their thoughts and suggestions. [1/6 definitions]
bribe to give or offer a bribe to. [1/4 definitions]
cast pearls before swine to offer or provide something of value to persons who cannot understand or appreciate it.
come-on a flirtatious approach or offer. [1/2 definitions]
dangle to offer or seem to offer (something desirable) so as to tempt or motivate. [1/3 definitions]
deign to condescend to offer or accept. [1/2 definitions]
drink to offer good wishes or give honor; toast (fol. by "to"). [1/12 definitions]
empty-handed having nothing to offer. [1/2 definitions]
extend to give or offer openly (good wishes, offers of help or invitation, congratulations, or the like). [1/8 definitions]
float to offer for sale (an issue of stocks or bonds). [1/14 definitions]
gimmick a novel feature or offer with little purpose other than to attract people to a product. [1/3 definitions]
go1 (informal) to wager or offer. [1/26 definitions]
guide to offer counsel or advice to. [1/11 definitions]
happy hour a period of one or two hours in the late afternoon during which some bars offer reduced prices on drinks.
hawk2 to offer (goods) for sale by crying out or going from place to place.
here used to gain attention, offer assistance, or the like. [1/6 definitions]
hire out to offer one's services for a fee.