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ash2 any of a group of trees that are related to the olive and have winged seeds and compound leaves. [1/2 definitions]
cacciatore cooked in a covered pot with olive oil, tomato paste, onions, wine, herbs, and other ingredients.
Caesar salad a green salad topped with grated cheese, croutons, and anchovies and a dressing of olive oil, egg, lemon juice, and garlic.
Castile soap a fine white hard unscented soap made of olive oil and sodium hydroxide.
fixed oil a nonvolatile oil obtained from animal or vegetable sources, such as lard or olive oil.
fringe tree a small tree of the olive family, found in the southern United States, that bears drooping clusters of white flowers.
grivet a small, long-tailed monkey of North Africa that has olive-gray fur and a dark face and paws, and that lives on the ground.
loden a thick, fulled, waterproof woolen fabric, usu. olive green and used for coats.
Mediterranean a person with physical features, such as short stature and olive skin, that are characteristic of peoples living near the Mediterranean Sea. [1/5 definitions]
olein the liquid triglyceride of oleic acid, occurring in most fats and oils and as the major component of olive oil. [1/2 definitions]
olive of, concerning, or derived from the olive fruit or tree. [2/5 definitions]
olive branch the branch of an olive tree as a token of peace, or any peace offering.
olive drab a dull olive or greenish brown color. [1/3 definitions]
olive green a yellowish green color; color of an unripe olive.
pesto a sauce of ground fresh basil, pine nuts, garlic, and grated Parmesan cheese mixed with olive oil and served over pasta.
water moccasin a large, olive-brown, venomous snake found in the lowlands and swampy areas of the southern United States.
yellowthroat a small American warbler with a yellow throat, a white belly, an olive-brown back, and on the male, a black mask.