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ascot a wide scarf or necktie, tied so that one end lies flat on top of the other on the chest.
autogiro an aircraft that is pulled forward by a conventional propeller and held up in the air by a large horizontal rotor mounted on top of the fuselage.
baked Alaska a rich dessert made by piling ice cream on top of a layer of cake, covering the whole with meringue, and baking or broiling until the meringue begins to brown.
crown in the game of checkers, to make a piece that has crossed the entire board into a king by placing another piece of the same color on top of it. [1/21 definitions]
heap a great number of things lying on top of each other; pile. [1/7 definitions]
hod a tray set crosswise on top of a long handle, used for carrying bricks, mortar, or the like.
missionary position a position for sexual intercourse in which the man lies on top of the woman, who is lying on her back.
mount1 to place oneself on top of. [2/10 definitions]
onto to a position on or on top of. [1/2 definitions]
over on top of, so as to cover. [1/30 definitions]
overwrite to write (something) over or on top of (other writing or a surface). [1/3 definitions]
paperweight a small heavy object placed on top of papers to keep them from being moved by wind or accident.
pile1 an accumulation of things on top of each other; heap; stack. [1/9 definitions]
pop-up in computing, being or pertaining to a small window or box appearing on top of the active window one is using. [1/5 definitions]
remora any of several ocean fishes with a suction disk on top of the head that allows it to attach to sharks, other sea animals, and ships.
scale3 to climb up or on top of; ascend. [1/10 definitions]
steeple a tall, narrow structure on top of a building, often including a pointed spire. [1/2 definitions]
sugar to add sugar to or sprinkle sugar on top of. [1/8 definitions]
superimpose to set or lay on top of or above something.
superincumbent lying or resting on top of something else. [1/3 definitions]
table saw a circular saw positioned beneath a table so that its blade projects above the surface, allowing it to cut objects placed on top of the table.