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blood feud an ongoing, bitter conflict or fight between families.
imperfect in grammar, of or denoting a tense that indicates an uncompleted or ongoing action or state; progressive. [1/5 definitions]
mistress a woman who has an ongoing extramarital sexual relationship, esp. with a man who gives her financial support. [1/4 definitions]
parenting the ongoing process or skill of a parent in raising a child or children.
present participle a participle that either indicates ongoing action or state, as "living" in "He was living" or serves as an adjective, as "living" in "a living thing".
real time the actual time required for a computer to complete a computation, the result being necessary to control a currently ongoing process, such as the simultaneous booking of airline tickets. [1/2 definitions]
recess a limited break in ongoing activity, such as courtroom proceedings or school classes. [2/5 definitions]
suspension a temporary pause in an ongoing activity or condition. [1/5 definitions]