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abort of a program or operation, to end prematurely, usu. in failure. [1/6 definitions]
add to perform the mathematical operation of addition. [1/6 definitions]
administer to bring into operation or use; implement. [1/5 definitions]
aeronautics (used with a sing. verb) a science that deals with the design, operation, and navigation of aircraft.
afloat in operation; avoiding collapse. [1/6 definitions]
alive in operation; active. [1/4 definitions]
amphibious of or pertaining to a military assault operation involving a landing from the sea. [1/3 definitions]
automate to convert to a mechanical or electronic system of operation. [1/3 definitions]
automation operation by machinery rather than by people.
automatism automatic, mechanical, or involuntary action, as in the operation of many bodily organs, in the actions of one not in conscious control, such as a sleepwalker, or in the suspension of conscious control so as to allow subconscious expression, as in art. [1/2 definitions]
autonomic nervous system the part of the nervous system in vertebrates that controls involuntary bodily processes, such as the operation of the heart, stomach, and glands; sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems together.
basis a particular system, mode of operation, standard, or guiding principle that underlies the way something else is established, decided on, or managed. [1/3 definitions]
batch an amount or quantity used or produced in one operation. [1/2 definitions]
bias a voltage applied to an electronic device, such as a transistor or a vacuum tube, to establish a reference level of operation. [1/8 definitions]
bootleg characterized by or associated with bootlegging, as an illegal or clandestine operation. [1/4 definitions]
bootstrap a single computer program that loads and puts into operation a bigger program. [2/5 definitions]
breeder reactor a nuclear reactor that is designed to produce more fissionable material than it consumes, and thus generate additional fuel for its own operation.
bypass in medicine, the operation by which an alternative route of flow is created in order to avoid a blocked or diseased organ or part of such an organ. [1/5 definitions]
byte in computers, a basic unit of operation, usu. equal to eight binary digits or bits.
campaign a military operation organized to achieve specific objectives. [1/4 definitions]
close to cease operation; become unavailable for business. [1/24 definitions]