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about-face an abrupt, complete change in opinion, beliefs, actions, or the like; switch; reversal. [2/3 definitions]
advice remarks or an opinion offered as help in making a decision or in choosing a course of action; counsel.
agnostic having a noncommittal or doubtful opinion about something. [1/4 definitions]
agree to have the same opinion (often fol. by "with"). [1/6 definitions]
agreement the act of reaching, or the state of having reached, a common understanding or harmony of opinion. [1/5 definitions]
arguable able to be supported by argument, as an opinion. [1/2 definitions]
argumentative given to argument, debate, or violent clashes of opinion, often without cause; contentious.
authority a source of expert information or opinion. [1/4 definitions]
backtrack to go back to an earlier opinion or policy. [1/2 definitions]
ban1 an unofficial prohibition or condemnation, as by public opinion. [1/3 definitions]
belief a strong opinion; conviction. [1/3 definitions]
bend to yield one's position or opinion. [1/10 definitions]
bighead (informal) an inflated opinion of oneself; conceitedness. [1/2 definitions]
budge to alter one's opinion (usu. used negatively). [2/4 definitions]
bullheaded perversely unwilling to change one's opinion or intended action; stubborn.
calcify to make or become inflexible, as an opinion. [1/2 definitions]
chasm a division or separation caused by a pronounced difference of opinion, beliefs, or the like. [1/3 definitions]
chat casual talk, gossip, or exchange of opinion. [1/5 definitions]
chime in to interrupt suddenly to add one's opinion. [1/2 definitions]
come around to change one's opinion, esp. to agree with that of another. [1/2 definitions]
come round to change one's opinion, esp. to agree with that of another. [1/2 definitions]