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antagonize to oppose (someone). [1/2 definitions]
beard to oppose defiantly. [1/4 definitions]
buck2 (informal) to oppose or resist stubbornly or with determination. [2/7 definitions]
combat to fight against or oppose forcefully. [1/3 definitions]
contravene to conflict with; act against; oppose; violate. [1/2 definitions]
counter3 to respond to in order to make ineffective; oppose. [1/8 definitions]
countermove a move made in order to oppose or retaliate. [1/2 definitions]
countervail to oppose successfully or with equal power; counteract; neutralize. [1/3 definitions]
counterweigh to oppose with equal power or weight; counterbalance.
gainsay to speak against; oppose. [1/2 definitions]
opposeless combined form of oppose.
opposition one or more persons who oppose; something that opposes. [1/3 definitions]
oppugn to oppose, contradict, criticize, or call into question.
parasympathetic relating to those parts of the autonomic nervous system, found in the middle and back parts of the brain and the lower spinal cord, that oppose the work of the sympathetic system, as in dilating the pupils or slowing the heart beat.
passive resistance the use of noncooperation, fasting, or other nonviolent means to oppose one's own government or an occupying force.
possessive tending to dominate friends, relatives, or lovers and to jealously oppose their having other relationships. [1/6 definitions]
resist to actively oppose or strive against. [1/4 definitions]
scrimmage to participate or oppose in a scrimmage. [1/5 definitions]
thwart to hinder, oppose, or frustrate. [1/5 definitions]
tolerate to accept or permit although not truly desired or officially sanctioned; not attack or oppose. [1/2 definitions]
war to fight vigorously; oppose; contend. [1/5 definitions]