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anticlimax a disappointingly weak or ordinary conclusion or event, following events or statements that build expectations for something powerful or moving. [1/3 definitions]
banal lacking originality or liveliness; disappointingly ordinary; commonplace; trite.
breathy of a voice, softened or otherwise altered in timbre by more than ordinary expiration of breath. [1/2 definitions]
common (pl.) the mass of ordinary people, esp. those without titles of nobility. [1/9 definitions]
commonplace unremarkable or ordinary. [2/4 definitions]
common stock ordinary capital shares of a corporation that often provide dividends and confer voting privileges, but that place their owners' claims, in the event the corporation liquidates, below those of holders of preferred stocks or bonds.
contrabassoon a bassoon that is larger than the ordinary bassoon and an octave lower in pitch; double bassoon.
conventional commonplace; ordinary; unimaginative. [1/3 definitions]
decipher to convert from a coded form to ordinary language; decode. [1/2 definitions]
decode to convert (a coded message) into ordinary language; decipher. [1/2 definitions]
different not ordinary; unusual. [1/4 definitions]
dim to switch (automotive vehicle headlights) from high intensity or position to ordinary intensity. [1/9 definitions]
dissociation in a human being, the abnormal separation of a group of mental activities from ordinary consciousness, as in one afflicted with amnesia or multiple personalities. [1/2 definitions]
everyday ordinary; commonplace. [1/2 definitions]
Everyman (usu. l.c.) the common or ordinary person, esp. when typifying the entire human race. [1/2 definitions]
exceptional uncommon, unusual, or out of the ordinary. [1/2 definitions]
exclude to prevent from enjoying ordinary rights or privileges; bar. [1/2 definitions]
extraordinary far beyond the usual or ordinary. [1/2 definitions]
extreme of a kind or degree well beyond the ordinary. [1/7 definitions]
flight1 an instance of going beyond ordinary limits. [1/6 definitions]
folk emerging from the ordinary people, as opposed to specialists. [1/6 definitions]