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aborigine an original or first inhabitant of an area, esp. a member of a tribe native to Australia. [1/2 definitions]
afterthought something not in an original plan or design. [1/2 definitions]
arch- original. [1/3 definitions]
archetype an original model or pattern from which others are made or copied; prototype.
Articles of Confederation a document created in 1781 that served as a set of guidelines for governing the newly formed United States of America. The Articles of Confederation created a "firm league of friendship" among the thirteen original states and maintained the majority of power in states' hands. It was replaced by the U.S. Constitution in 1789.
backscatter the deflection, by electromagnetic or nuclear forces, of moving waves or particles away from their original direction at angles greater than ninety degrees.
back up to create and store a copy of (a computer file), often in a separate location, in case the original is damaged or lost.
booster a subsequent dose of a vaccine given to supplement and effectuate the original dose. [1/4 definitions]
booster shot an injection of an immunizing agent, given at some time after an original series of such injections, to maintain immunity.
brainchild someone's original idea, plan, or invention.
brown coal a soft dark brown coal having the original woody texture; lignite.
charter member any of an organization's founders or original members.
compound interest interest earned or paid on both the original principal and the accrued unpaid interest. (Cf. simple interest.)
cop a plea (informal) to plead guilty to a lesser charge in order to avoid trial on the original charge.
copy a reproduction of an original. [2/8 definitions]
corrupt containing errors; altered from the original. [2/11 definitions]
counter word (chiefly American) a commonly used word whose current meanings have little relationship to its original meaning, such as "nice" or "terrible".
creative capable of inventing or producing something original or imaginative. [1/2 definitions]
creativity the capability of inventing or producing original or imaginative work. [1/2 definitions]
degenerate to decline from an original or former condition; change for the worse in nature or quality; deteriorate. [1/6 definitions]
demodulate in telecommunications, to derive the original signal from (a modulated carrier signal); detect.