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arbitrator one who has final authority to decide an outcome; arbiter. [1/2 definitions]
backwash an outcome, esp. one that is unexpected, secondary, or undesired. [1/4 definitions]
become of to be the fate or outcome of; happen to.
chancy uncertain in outcome; risky.
cliff-hanger a closely contested game or event, whose outcome is in doubt until the very end. [1/2 definitions]
conclusion a result or outcome. [1/5 definitions]
consequential coming after as an outcome, result, or consequence. [1/3 definitions]
contestant one who challenges or disputes an outcome such as a will, election result, or the like. [1/2 definitions]
critical of the nature of a crisis; being at the very highest point of danger but still allowing the possibility of a positive outcome. [1/5 definitions]
denouement the ultimate outcome of a complicated series of events. [1/2 definitions]
determinant that which is a factor in determining an outcome.
dopester (informal) one who makes analyses and predictions, as of the outcome of an athletic or political contest.
end result; outcome. [1/18 definitions]
fate predetermined or inevitable outcome; destiny. [1/6 definitions]
fortune (often pl.) one's destiny, or the outcome of one's life or experiences during a period of one's life. [1/4 definitions]
fruit something that is a result or outcome. [1/4 definitions]
gamble to bet money or other stakes on the outcome of a game, race, or any other game of chance or skill. [3/6 definitions]
grave2 likely to cause a very harmful outcome. [1/4 definitions]
guarantee something that has the effect of assuring or promising a given outcome. [1/11 definitions]
guarantor one that ensures a given outcome. [1/2 definitions]
have one's fingers crossed to hope for a good outcome.