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bioastronautics (used with a sing. verb) the science of the effects of outer space and space travel on living organisms.
celestial of or pertaining to the sky or outer space. [1/6 definitions]
cosmic rays streams of high-energy charged atomic nuclei or other particles that enter the earth's atmosphere from outer space.
ether outer space. [2/4 definitions]
life-support system the system of equipment in a spacecraft that keeps the occupants alive in outer space. [1/2 definitions]
meteorite a piece of rock originating from asteroids in outer space that has made it through the atmosphere and successfully landed on the Earth's surface.
meteoroid matter, ranging in mass from a speck to thousands of tons, that travels through outer space and occasionally passes through the earth's atmosphere.
outside on, in, or to the outer space of. [1/10 definitions]
space the area of the universe lying outside the earth's atmosphere and containing the stars, galaxies, and solar systems; outer space. [1/12 definitions]
spacecraft a vehicle designed to travel in outer space, beyond the earth's atmosphere.
spaceman a man who travels in outer space, beyond the earth's atmosphere; astronaut. [2 definitions]
spaceship a vehicle designed to carry people and cargo in outer space, as to the moon or the other planets.
spacesuit a pressurized protective suit enabling the wearer to survive in outer space.
spacewalk the action or an instance of an astronaut's moving about outside a spacecraft in outer space. [2 definitions]
spacewoman a female visitor to earth from outer space, as in science fiction. [1/2 definitions]
telescope an optical instrument, usu. cylindrical, that employs lenses and sometimes mirrors to enlarge the images of distant objects, esp. those in outer space. [1/7 definitions]
voyage an extensive journey by air, land, or sea, or through outer space. [1/4 definitions]