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abort to cause (a fetus) to be expelled before it is able to survive outside the mother. [1/6 definitions]
abroad outside of one's home. [2/4 definitions]
accretion the process of gradual increase or growth, esp. by additions from the outside. [1/3 definitions]
areaway a sunken area in front of basement doors or windows allowing access from outside, or permitting light and air to pass through. [1/2 definitions]
around so as to make a circular route or pattern outside of (something). [1/13 definitions]
astral pertaining to spiritual existence, esp. to a human being's existence outside of his or her body. [1/2 definitions]
automatic acting by itself without outside power or influence. [1/4 definitions]
bark2 the outside covering of the trunks, branches, and roots of woody plants. [1/3 definitions]
barouche a four-wheeled carriage with a folding top, two opposing seats for two people each inside, and a driver's seat outside in front.
beyond outside the limits or reach of. [1/6 definitions]
bootstrap done or accomplished without outside help or abundant resources. [1/5 definitions]
buttress a structure that gives support to the outside of a building by absorbing excessive outward thrust. [1/4 definitions]
buyout the buying of an entire business, as by managers, employees, or outside parties, usu. heavily financed by borrowing.
child care the practice, service, or business of caring for other people's children, esp. young children whose parents work outside the home.
CIA abbreviation of "Central Intelligence Agency," a U.S. agency of the federal government that oversees intelligence operations outside of the country.
clerestory in architecture, an outside wall containing windows which admit light to partially roofed areas in the lower sections of a building, esp. a church.
coach a four-wheeled, horse-drawn carriage, enclosed, with an outside seat for the driver. [1/8 definitions]
cohabit to live together in an intimate relationship, esp. outside of marriage.
cold-blooded of animals such as fishes and reptiles, having blood whose temperature is dependent upon the temperature outside the organism. (Cf. warm-blooded.) [1/3 definitions]
convex having a surface or outer edge that curves outward like the outside of a ball. (Cf. concave.)
cosmic existing or originating outside the earth. [1/3 definitions]