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abstract expressionism (sometimes cap.) a school of painting that arose after World War II and that was marked by expressive but nonrepresentational images formed by an apparently random and often unconventional application of paint.
aquarelle (French) watercolor painting with transparent colors, or a painting done by this technique.
art the field of visual works such as painting, drawing, and the like. [1/4 definitions]
artist a person who is skilled at painting, sculpting, music, writing, or the like. [2/3 definitions]
artwork a painting or other work of art, or such works collectively. [1/2 definitions]
background a part located in the rear, esp. as depicted in a painting, photograph, or scene. (Cf. foreground.) [1/5 definitions]
brush1 a device made of stiff hairs, such as nylon or animal hair, fastened into a handle, for grooming, painting, scrubbing, and the like. [1/8 definitions]
canvas a piece of such material used as the surface for an oil painting. [2/3 definitions]
cityscape an artist's view of a city, as in a painting, drawing, photograph, or the like. [1/2 definitions]
commission to grant a commission for the creation of (a painting, poem, article, or the like). [1/9 definitions]
crucifixion a painting, sculpture, or the like representing the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. [1/3 definitions]
cubism an early twentieth-century movement in painting and sculpture in which objects were represented abstractly by geometrical forms.
daub a crude painting. [1/7 definitions]
depict to portray or represent, as in a painting, sculpture, or written work.
diptych a painting or carving consisting of two panels that are hinged together. [1/2 definitions]
encaustic painting with encaustic paint, or a work of art in this medium. [1/2 definitions]
fauvism (sometimes cap.) in early twentieth-century painting, an expressionistic development, esp. French, involving the juxtaposition of different bold colors and sometimes the distortion of form.
field a background, esp. of a painting or flag. [1/11 definitions]
filler a substance used to fill cracks and holes in a surface before painting. [1/4 definitions]
filth something that is thought to be immoral or obscene, such as a movie, book, painting, or utterance. [1/3 definitions]
foreground the part of something, such as a painting or photo, that is or appears to be nearest the viewer. (Cf. background.) [1/2 definitions]