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abacus a device used to make arithmetic calculations, consisting of a frame with parallel rods or grooves that hold movable counters such as beads.
abscissa the distance of a point from the vertical axis of a graph as measured parallel to the horizontal axis. (Cf. ordinate.)
Antarctic Circle an imaginary line drawn around the earth parallel to the equator and north of the South Pole.
Arctic Circle an imaginary line drawn around the earth parallel to the equator and south of the North Pole.
Bahamas (used with a pl. verb) a chain of islands southeast of Florida and roughly parallel to Cuba; Bahama Islands. [1/2 definitions]
balkline a line parallel and close to one end of a billiard table, from behind which the opening shot is made.
barrier island a long narrow sandy island formed parallel to a shore protecting it from erosion.
barrier reef a ridge of coral running parallel to a coast.
catamaran a boat, usu. a sailboat, with parallel twin hulls.
christie (sometimes cap.) in skiing, any of several maneuvers for turning, slowing down, or stopping, esp. while keeping the skis parallel.
collateral extending in parallel or being to the side of. [1/5 definitions]
collimate to line up or make parallel (rays of light). [1/2 definitions]
collimator a device that transmits a beam of radiation, esp. light, as parallel rays. [1/2 definitions]
correlate to arrange, as two sets of data, so as to demonstrate or emphasize their causal, reciprocal, complementary, or parallel relationship. [2/4 definitions]
correlative in grammar, of or denoting a construction or paired words that indicate alternatives or reciprocal, mutual, or parallel relations, such as "either" and "or" in "He'll come either today or tomorrow" and "both" and "and" in "Both the house and the garage caught fire." [1/4 definitions]
corrugate to shape or bend or become shaped or bent into parallel, wavelike ridges and grooves. [2 definitions]
crosshatch to shade (a drawing or the like) using many parallel and intersecting lines.
cylinder in geometry, a surface or volume described by a straight line tracing a closed curve, esp. a circle, at a fixed angle, usu. a right angle, in two parallel planes. [1/5 definitions]
DEW line a line of radar stations, located along the seventieth parallel in Canada and the United States, that provides advance notice of approaching hostile aircraft or missiles (acronym for "distant early warning").
diffraction grating a set of equidistant parallel lines or grooves made very close together on glass or polished metal, used to diffract light and produce a spectrum.
double-park to park (a vehicle) alongside another that is parked parallel to the curb.