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adopt to become by law a parent of (a child who is not one's own offspring), or to accept responsibility for an animal as a pet. [1/3 definitions]
adoption the act or fact of becoming the legal parent of another person's child, or the act or condition of being thus adopted as another's child. [1/2 definitions]
alcohol any of a class of volatile organic compounds derived from hydrocarbons in which one or more hydroxyl groups replace one or more hydrogen atoms of the parent hydrocarbon. [1/3 definitions]
Aryan a person belonging to or claiming to be a descendant of the prehistoric peoples who spoke the hypothetical parent language of Indo-Europeans. [1/4 definitions]
caregiver a person, such as a family member or foster parent, who is responsible for the care of a child or dependent adult. [1/2 definitions]
cicatrix the scar left when a stem or branch is detached from its parent tree or plant. [1/2 definitions]
dam2 a female parent, esp. of a four-legged mammal.
duty obedience or respect toward a superior or a parent. [1/5 definitions]
father a male parent. [3/10 definitions]
filial denoting the relation of a child or children to a parent. [1/2 definitions]
firstborn born before any other child or offspring of a parent or parents. [2 definitions]
foster to nurture and rear, as a parent. [1/4 definitions]
gemma in biology, a group of cells or a bud that separates from its parent to develop into a new individual.
grandfather the male parent of one's parent. [1/3 definitions]
grandma (informal) the female parent of one's parent; grandmother.
grandmother the female parent of one's parent. [1/2 definitions]
grandpa (informal) the male parent of one's parent; grandfather.
grandparent the father or mother of one's parent.
granny (informal) the female parent of one's parent; grandmother. [1/5 definitions]
great-grandparent a parent of one's grandmother or grandfather.
half having just one parent in common with someone. [1/7 definitions]