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abdomen in vertebrates, the part of the body between the chest and the pelvis, where most of the digestive organs are located. [2 definitions]
ablation surgical removal of any part of the body. [1/2 definitions]
ablution a washing or cleansing of oneself, esp. as part of a religious observance or ritual. [1/2 definitions]
accidental not part of the basic nature of a thing; secondary; incidental. [1/5 definitions]
accompaniment part of a musical composition that is intended to support more central parts. [1/2 definitions]
accompany to play or sing music with (another) as a supporting part of that person or group's performance. [1/3 definitions]
Achilles heel any vulnerable or weak spot, part, or trait.
act a single performance, usu. by a musician, comedian, or other entertainer, sometimes as part of a larger program of performances. [1/14 definitions]
adapter a device or part that adapts a machine or tool to a different use. [1/2 definitions]
adduct to move or pull (a body part such as a muscle) toward the main axis. (Cf. abduct.)
Aden a former British colony and protectorate, now part of Yemen. [1/2 definitions]
adjunct something joined to another thing but not an integral part of it; supplement; accessory. [2/4 definitions]
afferent bearing or leading toward a central organ or part, as nerves that conduct impulses to the spinal column or as veins that carry blood to the heart.
afterlife the latter part of a person's life. [1/2 definitions]
agitator a machine, or part of a machine, that automatically shakes or stirs things together, as in a can of paint or a washing machine. [1/2 definitions]
airfoil any aircraft part or surface, such as a wing or rudder, designed to utilize aircurrents to aid in propelling, lifting, and controlling movement.
ala a wing or winglike part or structure on a living organism.
alcove a separate or recessed part of a room that is partly enclosed. [1/2 definitions]
Alexander the Great the king of Macedonia in 336-323 B.C. and conqueror of an empire that included Persia, Egypt, and part of Greece (356-323 B.C.).
Algonquin the language spoken by these tribes, or the family of languages of which it is a part; Algonquian. [1/3 definitions]
aliquot in chemistry, pertaining to a fractional part of a known quantity that is taken to represent the whole. [1/3 definitions]