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a2 one; used to introduce one particular thing of a group or kind, but one which is not known to the listener or is not important to identify. [1/3 definitions]
abstract designating the idea of something without regard to a particular instance or object. [2/13 definitions]
academy an institution for the advancing of a particular field of learning. [1/2 definitions]
accelerate to cause (a particular activity or process) to happen faster. [1/4 definitions]
accent relative prominence of a syllable within a particular word; stress. [4/8 definitions]
acceptable meeting particular standards or requirements. [1/3 definitions]
acculturate to instill in (a growing child) the culture and values of a particular society. [1/3 definitions]
ace a person who is highly skilled in a particular field; expert. [1/7 definitions]
ace in the hole a resource that remains unrevealed or unused until a particular opportunity arises.
acronym a type of abbreviation used as a word, formed by combining the initial letters (or initial parts) of words that make up a particular string. The pronunciation of an acronym is based on the typical rules of pronouncing words in a language and is not made up of the sounds of the names of individual letters.
acrostic a sequence of written lines in which particular letters, usu. the first letter of every line, form an independent word or phrase. [1/2 definitions]
act to behave or conduct oneself in a particular manner. [1/14 definitions]
activism the belief in or practice of trying to make social or political changes through active, militant, or demonstrative involvement, esp. in particular issues.
adapt to make fit or suitable for a particular need or condition; adjust. [1/2 definitions]
adaptable having the ability to adjust to particular needs or conditions. [1/2 definitions]
ad hoc for this particular case, occasion, or purpose only; with respect only to this.
admit to confess to a particular offense or blunder. [1/4 definitions]
age-appropriate suitable or proper for a person of a particular, specified age.
agnostic one who is unwilling or unable to commit to a particular stance concerning something. [1/4 definitions]
aim to strive toward a particular goal (often followed by an infinitive or "at"). [1/8 definitions]
airspace the space extending above a particular land area, esp. that of a political entity. [1/2 definitions]