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acuity sharpness or keenness, as of sense perception or understanding.
apparent clear to the perception or understanding; obvious. [1/3 definitions]
apperception perception that the mind is aware and conscious of. [1/2 definitions]
blindfold to prevent clear perception or thinking. [1/4 definitions]
blunt slow to understand; dull of perception; insensitive. [1/5 definitions]
blur to make dim; dull the perception of. [1/7 definitions]
cognizance perception or acknowledgment of fact. [2 definitions]
come to move into perception; appear. [1/11 definitions]
communal taint in India, the perception of a person or political body being strongly tied to or influenced by a particular cultural or religious community and thus not committed to values of secularism and unity.
delicacy refinement of feeling, thought, or perception. [2/8 definitions]
delicate exquisitely precise in sensory perception. [1/7 definitions]
ESP abbreviation of "extrasensory perception."
faculty any of the specific mental capabilities such as memory, perception, reasoning, or understanding. [1/3 definitions]
feeling a general consciousness, perception, or sensation more or less independent of intellectual or physical activity. [1/9 definitions]
hallucination a false or distorted but compelling sensory perception, as induced by drugs or by mental derangement such as schizophrenia. [1/2 definitions]
illusion a false perception of what one sees, hears, or otherwise senses. [1/4 definitions]
impalpable not subject to perception by touch; intangible. [1/2 definitions]
imperceptive having poor perception or understanding.
impression a strong feeling or idea resulting from experience or perception. [2/5 definitions]
insentient lacking perception or consciousness; inanimate.
know to have knowledge, perception, or understanding. [1/7 definitions]