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bleary-eyed not alert; not perceptive. [1/2 definitions]
clear-eyed able to see things as they are; perceptive or realistic. [1/2 definitions]
clearheaded possessing an alert, perceptive, wide-awake mind.
clearsighted possessing sound judgment; thinking clearly; perceptive. [1/2 definitions]
discerning exercising good judgment and discrimination; perceptive.
insightful keenly perceptive.
keen1 finely discerning; extremely perceptive; acute. [1/4 definitions]
mordant keenly perceptive; incisive. [1/5 definitions]
mouthful a comment that is important, perceptive, or full of meaning. [1/4 definitions]
penetrating keenly discerning; sharply perceptive. [1/2 definitions]
percipient having an acute power of perception or discernment; perceptive.
perspicacious keenly perceptive or understanding; discerning.
unperceptive combined form of perceptive.
wit1 the ability to express oneself in a clever, perceptive, and ingenious way that produces humor or pleasure for the intellect, or that which is expressed in this way and to this effect. [2/5 definitions]
witty displaying or characterized by clever, perceptive humor. [1/2 definitions]