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act to perform duties. [1/14 definitions]
acupuncture to perform acupuncture on. [1/2 definitions]
add to perform the mathematical operation of addition. [1/6 definitions]
administer to perform management duties. [1/5 definitions]
agent a person with authority to perform certain actions on behalf of another. [1/5 definitions]
agt. abbreviation of "agent," a person with authority to perform certain actions on behalf of another.
application program a computer program designed to be used by, and perform a particular function for, end users, such as a word-processing program, browser, or game.
appointee a person appointed to fill an office or position or to perform an assigned task.
aptitude test a test intended to measure the probable ability of an untrained person to perform well in a particular job or course of study.
balance beam a long wooden horizontal beam raised about four feet above the floor, on which women gymnasts perform various balancing routines. [1/2 definitions]
ballet a group of people who perform ballet. [1/4 definitions]
baptize to perform baptism. [1/4 definitions]
barnstorm to perform acts of stunt flying with a small plane, usu. at rural carnivals or fairs. [1/3 definitions]
begin to perform the first step in a process; start. [2/6 definitions]
belly-flop to perform a belly-flop dive. [1/3 definitions]
blackmail to force or attempt to force (someone) to pay money or perform some action under the threat of having damaging information revealed. [1/3 definitions]
block a state of being unable to perform a certain task. [1/19 definitions]
blow2 (obscene) to perform fellatio on. [1/14 definitions]
bowl2 to achieve or perform by bowling. [1/8 definitions]
bracero a Mexican laborer allowed to enter the United States temporarily in order to perform seasonal or migrant work.
bungle to perform badly or incompetently; botch. [2/3 definitions]