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baldachin in architecture, a permanent canopy, as of stone, over an altar or other structure. [1/3 definitions]
benchmark in surveying, a permanent mark at a known position and elevation, used as a reference point for other measurements. [1/2 definitions]
built-in constructed as a permanent part of a larger structure. [1/2 definitions]
ciborium the permanent canopy above an altar. [1/2 definitions]
dead load the fixed or permanent weight of a structure that exerts a uniform, constant pressure on the supports. (Cf. live load.)
deciduous not of permanent interest or importance; ephemeral; transitory. [1/3 definitions]
disfigurement the result of being disfigured, such as a permanent scar. [1/2 definitions]
endow to give a permanent income, source of income, or property to. [1/2 definitions]
endowment the act of providing with a permanent fund or source of income, or the money so provided. [1/2 definitions]
enduring long-lasting, permanent, chronic, or persistent. [1/2 definitions]
fixative acting to make stable or permanent. [2 definitions]
fixture something fixed into place as a permanent part or appendage. [1/2 definitions]
fort a permanent military post. [1/2 definitions]
fugitive not permanent or lasting; transitory or ephemeral. [1/5 definitions]
functional shift a temporary or permanent change in the grammatical function of a word, such as the use of the noun "fax" as a verb in "We'll fax it to you".
garrison a military stronghold, esp. a permanent one. [1/4 definitions]
immigrate to take up permanent residence in a place or country to which one is not native. [1/2 definitions]
impermanent not permanent or lasting.
imprinting in animal and human behavior, a period of rapid learning early in life that established permanent connections with other beings or objects, and thus determines certain patterns of behavior.
indelible incapable of being removed or obliterated; permanent. [2 definitions]
insanity persistent or permanent mental disorder or derangement. [1/4 definitions]