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allow to permit; let; [2/4 definitions]
cofferdam a temporary, watertight structure, built to permit construction under water or in wet soil.
dangerous likely to cause or permit harm; full of risks; unsafe.
eared seal any of a family of seals, including fur seals and sea lions, with powerful front flippers, and hind flippers that permit locomotion on land.
empower to permit; enable. [1/2 definitions]
expire to reach the end of a fixed term, as a permit, subscription, warranty, or membership. [1/4 definitions]
inoperable involving too much risk to life to permit surgery. [1/2 definitions]
interchange a highway juncture in which different road levels are used to permit vehicles to move from one road to another without disturbing the flow of traffic. [1/5 definitions]
lager a light, carbonated beer that is stored from six weeks to six months to permit sedimentation.
laissez-passer allow to pass (French); a permit or pass, esp. one used in place of a passport.
let to allow; permit. [1/8 definitions]
license formal permission from an authority; official permit. [2/5 definitions]
pass a ticket or permit allowing one to enter, come, or go freely, esp. one issued at no cost. [1/30 definitions]
ratline any of the pieces of rope tied horizontally between a ship's shrouds like rungs on a ladder, which permit climbing.
runway an animal enclosure large enough to permit exercise; run. [1/4 definitions]
sanction to authorize or permit; allow. [1/8 definitions]
suffer to allow; permit. [1/6 definitions]
tolerate to accept or permit although not truly desired or officially sanctioned; not attack or oppose. [1/2 definitions]
ultramicroscope a microscope that uses light diffraction to permit the viewing of objects too small to be detected by an ordinary microscope.
variance an official permit to do something that is normally forbidden, esp. by zoning or building laws. [1/7 definitions]
weathered of sills, masonry joints, or other architectural structures, sloped so as to permit water to run off. [1/2 definitions]