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anorexia a psychological disorder marked by the inability to eat or the persistent refusal of food; anorexia nervosa. (Cf. bulimarexia.)
arachibutyrophobia the persistent fear of or intense distress caused by peanut butter sticking to the roof of one's mouth.
assiduous persistent and unremitting; constant. [1/2 definitions]
backache a pain in the back, esp. a persistent one in the lower back.
bugaboo something that causes fear or persistent concern.
chip on one's shoulder a persistent feeling of resentment or unhappiness; grudge.
clamor a persistent or continuous noise. [1/6 definitions]
constant continual; persistent. [1/4 definitions]
dogged persistent or stubborn.
dull persistent but not intense. [1/10 definitions]
earwig to annoy or instill biases in (someone) by persistent secretive communications. [1/2 definitions]
enduring long-lasting, permanent, chronic, or persistent. [1/2 definitions]
gadfly a persistent critic, esp. of established institutions and policies. [1/3 definitions]
gnawing (often pl.) a dull and persistent pain; pang.
importunate urgent or stubbornly persistent in making a demand or request.
importune to make urgent or persistent demands or requests. [1/3 definitions]
importunity the making of urgent and persistent demands. [1/2 definitions]
insanity persistent or permanent mental disorder or derangement. [1/4 definitions]
insistent incessant; persistent. [1/3 definitions]
insomnia difficulty in getting to sleep, esp. as a persistent problem.
itch to have a restless, persistent craving for something or to do something. [2/8 definitions]