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antiperspirant a preparation used to decrease perspiration, esp. in the underarms.
cold sweat perspiration accompanied by a chilly feeling, induced by fear, shock, anxiety, or the like.
diaphoresis perspiration, esp. when heavy or medically caused.
exude to ooze out of, or as if out of, the pores of the skin, as perspiration. [1/2 definitions]
headband a band worn around the head, usu. in order to restrain the hair or to absorb perspiration.
suint the natural grease formed from dried perspiration in sheep's wool, used in the preparation of ointments and as a source for potash.
sweat to excrete (perspiration) from the pores of the skin. [3/18 definitions]
Turkish bath a steam bath that causes heavy perspiration and is followed by a shower and massage. [1/2 definitions]